#4 Unit of Ningde Nuclear Power Plant was Combined to the Gird

At 23:02, 29th, March, 2016, #4 unit of Ningde nuclear power plant which researched and deeloped by DTC had been combined to the grid, this marks the #4 unit has the power generating capacity, and also means Ningde Phase I nuclear power project is about to be fully completed. After this, #4 unit will take a series of tests to further erify the unit’s safety functions, and is expected to put into commercial operation in the latter half of this year.

#1, #2, #3 units of Ningde nuclear power project had been separately put into operation on 15th, April, 2013, 4th, May, 2014 and 10th, June, 2015. In 2015, among the 27 WANO index of the three operated units, totally 11 items had reached the world’s adanced leel, 10 items had reached the world’s outstanding leel.