Sato Kazuo From Mitsubishi-Hitachi Electrical PowerCompany visited DTC

On the morning of March 15th, MaYi (Chairman,Secretary of Communist Party Committee) and Zhang Wenfeng(General Manager) receied SatoKazuo From Mitsubishi-Hitachi ElectricalPower Company.

Duringthesymposium, Sato Kazuo said: MHPS attach great importance to Chinese Market and the corporation with DTC.

The company leadership indicate: the cooperation between both sides hae got a long-foot deelopment and successful experience in the fields such as thermal power and gas turbine, in the future, we hope to deelop a further cooperation with Mitsubishi-Hitachi in unit performance, efficiency and price to get more win-win achieements under the country’s “Belt and Road Initiaties” strategy.

After the informal discussion, leaders from both sides exchanged gifts, the guests from Japan also left the handwriting of “ Successful Cooperation”, “Long-Continued Friendship”.