New Energy

Solar power products:

Since engaged in solar photovoltaic industry, DTC is continuously improving the industrial chain and has developed core software and hardware equipment for solar energy photovoltaic power generation including automatic tracking system, inverter control system and monitoring system. Now DTC already have the ability to produce the core product and fulfill EPC contract of Large-scale photovoltaic power plants, and acquired fairly strong foundation and competence in product supply and completion of power stations in the whole photovoltaic industrial chain.

Seawater desalinization:

Zhonghe Seawater Desalination Engineering CO., Ltd. has been established by DTC as a joint venture company in Tianjin. By adopting the world advanced high-tech and proprietary technology with its own intellectual property right,? Zhonghe is engaged in the engineering consulting, design, and equipment manufacture of such water treatment projects as seawater and brackish water desalination. Its business scope covers low-temperature multiple-effect seawater desalinization, reverse osmosis seawater desalinization, feed water for boilers of the power plant, industrial pure water and ultra-pure water, strong brine comprehensive utilization, reclaimed water reuse, industrial wastewater treatment, etc.

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