Overall Strength

Dongfang Turbine Factory was planned in 1965, started in 1966 and put into operation in 1974 and reorganized to be Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd. and Dongqi Investment & Development Co., Ltd. on Dec 28,2006 Both companies belong to Dongfang Electric Corporation. Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dongfang”) is a large state-owned high-tech enterprise engaged in development and manufacture of power equipment for power plants and new energy and one of the largest generating equipment manufacturers in China.

Dongfang has built development bases in Deyang, Guangzhou, Emei, Tianjin, Tongliao, Jiuquan and Hulun Buir, including Deyang Bajiao Base, Deyang No. 2 Heavy-duty Branch (originally Deyang Division of Dongfang), Deyang Auxiliaries Production Base, Guangzhou Nansha Heavy-duty Gas Turbine Production Base, Tianjin Wind Power Manufacturing Base as well as new energy production and service bases in Tongliao, Jiuquan and Hulun Buir.

After the earthquake in Wenchuan on May 12, 2008, Dongfang Hanwang Base has been rebuilt in Deyang. The indomitable staff of Dongfang has built a new factory of global standard with first-class management, technology, equipment and quality in less than 2 years. Dongfang has generating equipment manufacturing bases most advanced nationally or even globally. At present, Dongfang has become a large state-owned enterprise with total assets of RMB 26.1 billion and manufacturing capacity over 30000 MW. The new Dongfang is greatly improved in terms of equipment, technical process and safety of buildings. Annual output reached RMB 20 billion in 2010 and RMB 20.3 billion in 2011, coming out at the top in the industry in China.

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