Corporate culture

DTC mission:Green power for the benefit of mankind.

To manufacture exquisite heavy power equipment, strengthen multi-businesses, and promote the sustainable development;

To develop efficient clean energy and protect the ecological environment for the benefit of human society;

Business concept:

put honesty and integrity in the first place; make win-win cooperation;

To be honest and credible, provide sincere services, foster market image and public reputation;

To make international and domestic cooperation for mutual benefit; seek business development and win-win situation of multi-parties.

Management concept:

to be always people-oriented, with efficiency prioritized;

To let the employees play the main body role in creating the best performance with high efficient work;

To pursue the enterprise management efficiency, to achieve the maximum output with the minimum input.

Science and technology concept:

to take a step ahead of others, strive to be outstanding among the same products;

To make technological innovations; produce novelty products; lead the market; and attract more users;

To make inventions and creations; strive to be from good to better; achieve advantages; and win competitions.

Quality concept:

to make continuous improvement; and manufacture products of excellent quality;

To make painstaking efforts for continuous improvement of the quality of products;

To make constant improvement of quality of excellence; and promote the brand value;

Talents concept:

cherish its employees to flourish the enterprise;

To create a good mechanism for nurturing talents of various kinds;

To let everyone’s talent put into full play to promote thriving development of the company.

Code of conduct: to be honest and faithful persons; to do meticulous and conscientious work;

To do meticulous and conscientious work starting from being honest and faithful persons;

To be honest and faithful persons is embodied in doing meticulous and conscientious work.

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